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Thick sheet steel for counterweight container

March 2019 - De Boer Snijbedrijf cut 11 tonnes of sheet steel to size for the frame of a counterweight container plus extra counterweights. M.J. van Riel Industrial Movements has further increased the counterweight container to 24 tonnes by adding count

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Suspended auditorium

February 2019 - Thanks to the professional preparations made by Staco and the numbering of the gratings with the associated installation plan, all the gratings were installed by the client without any difficulty.

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Launch of MV Tasman

February 2019 - The MV Tasman was successfully launched on 15 February 2019 at the Royal Bodewes Shipyard in Hoogezand. It almost went wrong because just before the launch, an employee saw something lying under the ship that he was going to take away. Fort

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Staco #joins-the-club

February 2019 - This season, Staco has a few nice seats at the VVV Stadion “de Koel”.

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Challenging mega-project

February 2019 - After years of preparations and debate, building work finally started in August 2017 on the RijnlandRoute. The RijnlandRoute is a new road connection leading from Katwijk, via the A44 motorway, to the A4 at Leiden. It will eliminate traffic

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