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New stands for Assen TT
New stands for Assen TT
New stands for Assen TT
New stands for Assen TT

New stands for Assen TT

February 2019 - The MotoGP is organised every year at the TT Circuit in Assen. It is Europe's largest outdoor event with more than 100,000 visitors. The new Winterdijk Stand was opened during the 88th edition this year. The old stand with wooden benches has been replaced by a new one with comfortable blue and yellow bucket seats. And there was a lot of demand for more comfortable seats: all 9,100 were sold out in no time!

'To keep up with the times and give visitors value for money, we have given the stands a makeover and made the seating more comfortable.'

Slender steel columns

In combination the Hairpin Stand and the Main Stand that is 1.2 kilometres long, the Winterdijk Stand is the longest unbroken stand in Europe. At 350 metres long and 13 metres high, the Winterdijk Stand looks out on the Ramshoek, the popular Geert Timmer bend and a large part of the straight leading to the start and finish. The entire steel structure of the Winterdijk Stand consists of slender steel columns and transparent barriers so that everyone has a clear view of the circuit.

Sustainable and circular

The steel stands can be disassembled and re-used. There is energy-efficient LED lighting and infiltrated water collection in the ground. Sustainability was also a focus on the operational side: the catering facilities provide healthy options and measures are in place to reduce waste levels. In addition, 21,000 solar panels have been installed on the covered motorbike park, which can accommodate 14,000 motorbikes.

Steel preservation

Staalbouw Nagelhout from Bakhuizen delivered and assembled approximately 330 tons of steel for the steel structure and the fencing of the Winterdijk Stand. The parts of this steel construction and the steel fencing were hot-dip galvanised by Rotocoat. 

Mannen van Staal from Leeuwarden produced and assembled the steel structure for the covered motorbike park. These steel parts, about 235 tons in all, were also hot-dip galvanised by Rotocoat. 

Hot-dip galvanising extends the useful life of steel considerably. In that way, Rotocoat contributes to the sustainable goals of the Assen TT.

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