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Residential tower with a crown
Residential tower with a crown
Residential tower with a crown
Residential tower with a crown

Residential tower with a crown

January 2020 - The transformation of the Emmasingel area in the centre of Eindhoven is in full swing. In addition to the construction of the new Onyx residential tower, it will include the redevelopment of the Philips Lighting building and the construction of the new Gagel building.

Onyx Residential Tower

The Onyx residential tower has risen on the parking lot of the former Philips Lighting building. It was designed by Diederendirrix architects to match the shape of the Lighting building and add an urban accent with its height of 83 metres. 

The illuminated 'crown' refers to the design of other former Philips buildings: the Light Tower and the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S. The series of light elements emphasises the axis between the former Philips complexes in the city centre and the De Wielewaal estate. 

Short-term rentals

The Onyx residential tower will accommodate 134 furnished rental apartments, a parking basement with 70 spaces, bicycle parking and retail space on the ground floor. The complex has been designed mainly for short-term tenants who work in Eindhoven and are looking for housing for periods of 3 to 5 months.

Corrosion prevention for prefabricated balconies

FEK Metaal from Waalwijk was involved in the early stages of the Onyx building work. As a partner in BALQOON®, a concept for balcony systems, FEK supplied metal balcony and stair railings, and related products. 

For optimal corrosion prevention, the straight individual balusters of the balconies, as well as various sections of stair railings, were hot-dip galvanised by Rotocoat and powder coated in the black-grey colour NCS-S 8500-N. 

The prefab BalQoons, including the pre-mounted balcony railings, were mounted on the outside of the building later. The first tenants moved into the Onyx residential tower in the summer.

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