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ROTO collaboration on Ziggo Dome

July 2012 - The Ziggo Dome, the largest concert hall in the Netherlands, is located next to the Amsterdam ArenA. It is designed as a black box measuring 90 x 90 metres with a height of 30 metres. The hall can accommodate 17,000 music fans at ground level and in the two grandstand tiers around the walls. De Boer Snijbedrijf, Verzinkerij Wolvega, Verzinkerij Heerhugowaard, Poedercoating Heerhugowaard and Staco Roosters were all involved in the construction of the Ziggo Dome.

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Duplex Route for Vleuterweide shopping centre

July 2012 - A total of five shopping centres are under construction in Leidsche Rijn, the largest new housing development in the Netherlands. The Vleuterweide shopping centre is one of them, and it provides shopping facilities for the residential areas in the immediate vicinity. The steel structures for the shopping centre were processed in the Duplex Route, a combination of galvanisation and powder coating provided by Verzinkerij Wolvega and Poedercoating Wolvega.

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Galvanisation for Isala clinics

March 2012 - The Isala clinics are building a new, innovative, advanced clinical hospital in Zwolle with the central focus on patients. The new hospital will have a floor area of 104,000 square metres and comprise four separate, linked units: the "butterfly wings". A range of steel structures for the roofing were hot-dip galvanised by Verzinkerij Wolvega. Centrizink Wolvega centrifuge-galvanised the small steel parts.

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Duplex system for North-West 380 kV Eemshaven

February 2012 - Without electricity, the Netherlands would grind to a halt. Electricity is not only important for our economy; it also keeps our society working as it should. To safeguard energy supplies in the Netherlands, the Oudeschip high-voltage station was opened in Eemshaven in late 2011. This station regulates the supply of electricity from the north to the west of the Netherlands. The tubes for the pylons went through a Duplex system: hot-dip galvanisation by Verzinkerij Heerhugowaard, followed by a special coating.

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