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January 2021 - A spectacular building is being erected at Strijp-S in Eindhoven for the Sint Trudo housing association. Leapfrog, as the name suggests, will be a two-storey bridge building that extends over the existing skate hall.

Well, the skate hall at Strijp-S will be preserved. But what about the original plans to build a new residential tower on this spot? “We will 'just' build over it,” answers Sint Trudo director Jack Hock. “With a spectacular building: Leapfrog.”

There will also be a 70-metre-high residential tower linked to the bridge building. This nineteen-storey tower will accommodate 136 condos. The bridge building will have 50 condos. All the homes are social housing and they are expected to be completed in January and February 2021.


Condos are new to the Netherlands. They are compact and therefore very affordable living spaces measuring approximately 50 m2. All the homes have a wet area with a kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The movable walls mean they can be structured in smart and flexible ways. 

Obviously, the space is limited but that is not a problem because the tower will have the communal and semi-communal facilities that people need, but not necessarily in their own home.

Glass bridge to Anton

The glass bridge connecting Leapfrog and the adjacent Anton building was lifted into place on 16 December 2020: a spectacular demonstration of craftsmanship on the tenth floor! 

The bridge connects a large communal interior space in Leapfrog and the roof garden of the neighbouring Anton building. That allows Leapfrog and Anton residents to use each other's facilities. 

Large steel trusses for connecting bridge

Voortman Steel Construction produced the steel structure for the bridge building. The U-shaped bridge building consists of two arms measuring 50 x 7 metres. The 50-meter cantilever of the U is supported by two enormous steel columns. Voortman also produced the large steel connecting bridges for the bridge building and the residential tower.

Rotocoat applied a durable zinc layer to the large heavy steel trusses of the connecting bridges. The trusses of the bridge building also have a fire-resistant coating. 

The partnership went smoothly. That is why Voortman opts for FAST AND RELIABLE ROTOCOATING.


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