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Duplex system

Powder coating in combination with galvanisation, the Duplex system, is the most durable form of protection in the fight against corrosion. The powder coating protects the zinc layer, and the zinc layer protects the powder coating against corrosion from below. Together, they produce a perfect synergy that provides protection for 2.5 times as long as the total protection provided separately by galvanisation and powder coating. In addition, the powder coating is available in virtually any colour so the result is not only durable but also good to look at.

Rotocoat market the Duplex system in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO 1461 and NEN-EN 15773.

The benefits of Duplex

The zinc layer bonds to the steel chemically. The zinc alloy is hard, wear- and chip-proof, and can cope well with mechanical loads. The powder coating is elastic, wear-, impact- and chip-proof, and can cope well with chemical loads. The Duplex system provides protection for 2.5 times as long as the total protection provided separately by galvanising and powder coating. The Duplex system is the most durable form of protection in extreme weather conditions and in the fight against steel corrosion.


The uniform quality of the Duplex system is safeguarded in accordance with NEN 5254 and NEN-EN 15773. These standards sets out the quality requirements for the application of organic coatings on hot-dip galvanised products (the Duplex system).

Good price-quality ratio

Hot-dip galvanising and powder coating provide perfect and durable protection for steel. Galvanised and powder coated materials are extremely resistant to mechanical and chemical loads. They are virtually maintenance-free, they are scratch- and impact-resistant, easy to clean and highly resistant to UV radiation. The price-quality ratio of the Duplex system is excellent, particularly in the long term.

Environmentally friendly

During the powder coating process, the powder is applied electrostatically. No solvents are needed. Powder coating does not produce any hazardous fumes and there is no fire risk. Nor are there any harmful residues. Powder that does not adhere to the material is used again. Wet painting, on the other hand, leaves more waste and excess paint must be disposed of as chemical waste.

No material is lost when hot-dip galvanised products are ultimately replaced. The steel and the zinc are recovered and can be used again. The useful life of certain products can be extended considerably by degalvanising and regalvanising them. The small quantity of zinc that is lost enters the cycles of life as an essential element, playing a useful role there also.

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