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Class F or Class E

Rotocoat specialises in the hot-dip galvanising of steel in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO-1461.This standard describes the functional requirements the anti-corrosion effect of the applied zinc layer must meet. The anti-corrosion aspects are central and aesthetic or decorative aspects are of minor importance.

As there sometimes is a discrepancy between the results of hot-dip galvanising and the expectations of the customer, a classification system for galvanising has been set up by the Zinkinfo Benelux trade association:

  • Class F: Functional hot-dip galvanising
  • Class E: Aesthetic hot-dip galvanising

Standard Rotocoat galvanises according to Class F, unless beforehand Class E has been chosen.

By choosing beforehand for galvanising Class F or galvanising Class E, it is clear to both Rotocoat and the customer what the expectations are. This will lead to a better end product and fewer misunderstandings afterwards.

Class F:

Choose for Class F, in case mainly the functional, corrosion-resistant aspects of galvanising are important. For example for products for industrial applications, steel constructions, barn fences, gratings or products that will be be coated after galvanising.

Class E:

Choose for Class E, in case the aesthetic or decorative aspects of galvanising are of great importance as well and higher standards are set for the visual finish. For example for products for architectural applications, gallery fences, railings, awnings for homes, street furniture or trailers.

When choosing Class E, it is essential to discuss the wishes and expectations beforehand and come to a clear agreement with the aim of producing an end product that meets the expectations of the customer.

What is covered by Class F and E? 

Class F Class E
Description of the functional requirements for the anti-corrosion effect of the applied zinc layer according to EN ISO 1461 Entire construction is stripped of sharp points, zinc ash residue and unevenness
Description of the constructive requirements according to EN 14713-1 en 2 Dry storage (against wet storage stains)
EN ISO 1461 does not define aesthetic requirements Aesthetic retouche of non-galvanised spots
The zinc melt consists of at least 98% pure zinc Retouche Finishing visible sides for smoother surface
  Optional: on request of the customer, packaging to avoid wet storage stains

Rotocoat only offers Class E as one indivisible package.


  • For Class F, the normal galvanising rates apply.
  • For Class E, the normal galvanising rates apply plus a surcharge for additional services.

If you would like more information or if you have a specific question, please call or email us!

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