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Technical information

Rotocoat performs the hot-dip galvanising of steel in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO-1461. This standard describes the functional requirements the anti-corrosion effect of the applied zinc layer must meet.

For a good galvanising result, materials delivered must meet the following conditions:

  • materials must have the correct steel quality;
  • materials must comply with the general principles of design as defined in NEN-EN 14713-1 and NEN-EN 14713-2;
  • inlet and outlet holes must be correctly applied;
  • materials must be free of contaminations and impurities that cannot be removed by chemical pre-treatment.


That means materials must be free of:

  • paint and/or varnish (or traces),
  • welding sprays that are too thick or contain silicone,
  • welding slag,
  • thick oil and/or grease layers,
  • marks with pastel crayon, paint or inappropriate markers (consult galvanising plant),
  • adhesives, glues, stickers etc.

Specific requirements apply for the materials that are also going to be powder coated. For more information see technical information coating.