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Powder coating

Steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and even stainless steel have a tough time in our climate. Sunlight, rain and wind all give corrosion a helping hand. Applying a protective coating to these metals considerably lengthens the useful life of the products and also radically improves their appearance. Powder coating in combination with galvanising, the Duplex system, is the most durable form of protection in the fight against corrosion.

Rotocoat specialises in powder coating steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium in accordance with the Powder & Paint on Zinc Practice Guideline and the Qualisteelcoat guidelines.

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The powder coating process

Powder coating is an electrostatic process in which a spray gun is used to apply powder to metal before placing the powder coated object in an oven. The powder melts to form an even coat and, after hardening, the result is a presentable, protective and, above all, robust coating. Depending on the conditions in the area where the material is to be used, the powder coating is applied in one, two or three layers.

A vital factor in terms of quality is the right pre-treatment. For example, mechanical pre-treatment for steel and stainless steel consists of sweep blasting with an inert sweep agent. In the case of galvanised steel and aluminium, a chemical pre-treatment approach is used.

The benefits of powder coating


Powder coating provides a perfect, durable coating and is guaranteed to provide better protection of profiles and edges than liquid paints. Powder coating is elastic, wear-, impact- and chip-proof, resistant to chemical corrosion and extremely suitable for locations with an increased risk of mechanical damage such as staircases, public spaces, fencing, lampposts and so on.


The powder coating conforms with the Powder & Paint on Zinc Practice Guideline and the Qualisteelcoat guidelines. These guidelines set out the quality requirements for powder coating.

Wide range of colours

Steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium can be coated in any desired RAL or NCS colour.

Good price-quality ratio

Powder coating provides a perfect and durable coat. The coated materials are ready for assembly or transportation straightaway because no drying or hardening is needed. After coating, materials have a long useful life, they are scratch- and impact-resistant, easy to clean and highly resistant to UV radiation. The price-quality ratio for powder coating is excellent, particularly in the long term.

Environmentally friendly

The powder is applied electrostatically. No solvents are needed. Powder coating does not produce any hazardous fumes and there is no fire risk. Nor are there any harmful residues. Powder that does not adhere to the material is used again. Wet painting, on the other hand, leaves more waste and excess paint must be disposed of as chemical waste.


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