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Technical information powder coating

There are specific requirements for the materials that have to be powder coated. For a good result and a long service life of the coating it is important for the substrate to be free of sharp edges and burrs. For further details, please consult the technical product information brochure. Click here to download the brochure (NED).

When the materials are presented for the Duplex system and for powder coating, the following additional preconditions apply:

  • materials must have the correct steel quality;
  • inlet and outlet holes must have been made in the correct manner;
  • materials must be free of impurities that cannot be removed by chemical pretreatment is.

That means materials must be free of:

  • paint and/or varnish (remains);
  • too thick or silicone-containing welding sprays;
  • welding slag;
  • thick oil and/or grease layers;
  • marks with pastel crayon, paint or other than specific markers (consult galvanising plant);
  • adhesives, glues, stickers etc.


Of course for more information on galvanising and powder coating you can also contact the Sales Department.