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Rotocoat tools imports freight lists from Tekla Structures for more efficiency

More and more Rotocoat customers use Tekla Structures, a Building Information Model (BIM) that enables a detailed, 3D model of any steel construction to be made.Tekla Structures can integrate design and production and information from the system can be used for production planning, purchasing and coordination. For example, Tekla Structures can generate freight lists among other things.

With Rotocoat tools, Rotocoat can import these freight lists into its own computer system, making planning and invoicing more efficient.

Benefits of Rotocoat tools

Rotocoat tools imports the Tekla freight list. This has the following advantages:

  • a separate order is created from each freight list;
  • manual data entry and errors are reduced to a minimum;
  • clear Rotocoat invoice that corresponds with the Tekla freight list;
  • Rotocoat knows exactly what materials you will supply for galvanising and / or powder coating;
  • Rotocoat can efficiently schedule your order;
  • Rotocoat can provide you with expert advice on the preconditions that apply for your materials to achieve the best possible result for your galvanised and / or powder coated product.

Therefore, the use of Rotocoat tools is not only more efficient for us, but for you as well!

Specification layout TEKLA files

For delivery, we need a Tekla freight list, see below for example.

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