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Temporary Zinc Price Correction September - October 2019

Our selling prices are based on a basic price plus a surcharge. We refer to this surcharge as the Temporary Zinc price Correction (TZC). The TZC is linked to the London Metal Exchange (LME). This is an objective yardstick for zinc prices.

To keep you properly informed, we publish the TZC for every product group monthly. In the third week of every month you can check the current TZC level for the next month on our website. The thickness of the basic material determines the TZC calculation.

Material Thickness TZC per 100 kg galvanised weight August 2019 TZC per 100 kg galvanised weight September 2019
Construction and frames From 6.50 mm €   7.87 €   7.22
Construction, profiles and frames 4.50 mm to 6.50 mm € 10.30 €   9.44
Fencing and sheeting 2.50 mm to 4.50 mm € 12.64 € 11.59
Mesh reinforcement / rebar up to 2.50 mm € 14.89 € 13.66